5 Quick & Easy Tips To Pass The Claims Adjusters Exam

5 Quick & Easy Tips To Pass The Claims Adjusters Exam

Hey, all the insurance warriors! Here are more hidden gems to help you pass the claims adjuster exam on your first try.

Exams are stressful, I get that. You work hard for it and expect to get the best result for your perseverance. But to beat the heat of the exam you need some super awesome tips.

We are going to share and discuss 5 quick and easy tips to pass the exam as a professional adjuster. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!!!

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Claims Adjuster Exam Tip 1:

  • Review the material thoroughly
  • A week before taking as many practice questions as possible
  • Practice sessions should be 20 minutes each with 5-minute breaks in between
  • Recognize and get familiar with the right answer
  • Ignore wrong answers so you don’t choose it again
  • Build up your endurance so you don’t get fatigued

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A week before your exam, take as many practice questions as possible. This is necessary. The best way to do it without having fatigue is to take short 20 minutes sessions. Set a timer, use your watch, use your phone, or use a system like Alexa to put a 20 minutes timer. Then take 5-minute breaks in between.

You can walk around the house, and watch a short video clip but, the point is to get away from the computer for 5 minutes. So, your body can refresh itself. Review the wrong questions so you can focus on the right ones. Practice your wrong questions 3-5 times so you don’t forget the right answers of them. Again, go through as many practice questions as you can!

If you want to start practicing now, click the link below:

10 Insurance Adjuster Training Questions

Best Places To Practice Passing The Exam:

These are the best places where you can practice for your exam;

  • YOUR COURSE PROGRAM (https://www.pearsonvue.com/practicetes)

  • LGD CONSULTING (more than 300 exam questions) (https://lgstudy.com)


Claims Adjuster Exam Tip 2:

This one is really important. It is ‘Know the difference’ between Aleatory and Adhesion.

ALEATORY: You pay lower costs than what you would redeem in the event you needed to make a claim.


  • The monthly premium is $147. The damage to the car is $3000.
  • You pay a deductible of $500.
  • You are indemnified of $3000-$500 = $2500

ADHESION: A contract where one party has significantly more power than the other when creating the contract.

  • The insurance company makes the contract
  • Insured decides to take it or leave it.

Claims Adjuster Exam Tip 3:

The next step is to teach it. If there is something you want to learn perfectly, learn it first, and then teach it to someone. So, you can learn it twice.

  • Friends in recent accidents
  • Friends buying insurance
  • Small business owners

So, talking about this to your friends or small business owners like farmers is just like teaching. And teaching is always the second form of learning. Talk to your close friends. Everybody has insurance and they need to understand their policy because everyone is worried about their belongings. So, you can teach them very finely while having an interest in it.


Claims Adjuster Exam Tip 4:

The question is… ‘know what time does an insurance policy end?’ This question has come multiple times in the exam. So, you are likely to get this one in your exam.


When does an insurance policy expire?

  • 12:00 am
  • 12:01 am
  • 12:00 pm
  • 12:01 pm

To let you know, the right answer is 12:01 if your state farm insurance company is located in Georgia. But, if you live in Colorado your policy would not expire until 12:01 Mountain time. It will not expire on 12:01 Eastern time. So, that’s always good to know too as well. If you need to pay a payment you can do it ahead of time.


Claims Adjuster Exam Tip 5:

So, the last one is ‘use in real lifeNow this one is really necessary to understand.

  • Think about your home
  • Do you rent, own, or buy a car?
  • Do you have a business?
  • Do you have business contractors?


Different types of contractors might need workers comp. You must work with workers in California because you need them for house repair. So, you want that because if somebody gets hurt, you don’t have to pay it out of your pocket. Also, remember that insurance covers accidental and sudden losses. The system inches full coverage. If there is a planned or intended accident, the insurance policy will not work on that even if the car is too old.

So, how were these easy and amazing tips!? I hope this article helped you a lot to get relaxed and to get perfect tricks to prepare for your exam. 

So, follow these claims adjuster exam secrets and pass the exam as a professional Adjuster!


Do you want to learn more about these? You can read more in this article and also watch the video below:

Video for Passing the Adjuster Exam


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