Claims Adjuster Jobs | 3 Enticing Ways to Become a Claims Adjuster

Claims Adjuster Jobs: How To Become A Claims Adjuster

Do you want some working tricks to become an expert claim adjuster and land a good-paying claims adjuster job? Then you’re in the right place! We are going to give you 3 enticing tips to get you into the insurance industry and find a high-paying claims adjuster job. 

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With these three tips, you don’t need to take an exam, any license, or any course! Yes, that’s true!

TIP: 1

You can work with this company “MILLENNIUM INFORMATION SERVICES”. The thing that this company does is that it helps the underwriting sides of the insurance company. When somebody files a new policy, they go and take a look at the property and will do a property inspection. This company will help you with the paperwork. This will help you with how the adjusters take pictures.  Your pictures are consistent with the pros in the insurance industry.

The company will not pay however, you will get the experience that almost every company wants you to have before they hire you or before they first call you for deployment. 

So, in this company, you get an assignment and you have to go to the property and take pictures. This area is hopefully convenient for you because this is not a full-time job. By doing that you will learn how to take pictures and how much paperwork goes into filing a claim or just for the property inspection.  This is a property inspection skill that allows you to have a lot of opportunities because insurance adjusters need to be very good at inspection.

You have to use your vehicle to be able to get to the damaged properties or claims. It’s the kind of internship that you can include in your resume and will surely help you out in the future.

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TIP: 2

The other place where you can go is way better than the first one. That is “WEGOLOOK owned by CRAWFORD & COMPANY”. They do the same thing as Millennium Information Services. They will give you an assignment and you will go to look over the property. They will pay you up to $20 for the inspection of the property.  

Again, you have to use your vehicle and you have to use your gas. But since they are paying you for looking at the property, this will help you to maintain your gas or fuel budget. 

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TIP: 3

This company is called “HANCOCK CLAIM SERVICES”. They provide training and it is unpaid. They claim that it is a three-week training. You are going out with their staff and you will be a virtual assistant for assures. This is a great way to build experience for insurance adjusters (IA) positions. It is a good thing because you are going to learn how to climb a roof, you are going to learn how to put the tarps down and how to assess the damage.

And if you live around any beach area, there is much hail so they do need a lot of help. 

They also don’t pay but you are looking for mentoring anyway and this will be a great way to get it. And yes! Do not let them know that you want to be a claims adjuster after having practiced there. Tell them you love to go outside, you love to work with your hands or you love to help. They do tribal dare and catastrophes. They may want you to commit to going with them for three or five weeks away from your home.

They pay for ladder assistance. They pay really high when you lay a tarp down. To be a 1099 contract, you are not employed; you do get additional pay which is $50 to $100 per steep charge or per story. Because the roofs are steep. 

You do have to get workers comp and liability insurance for yourself because you are going to climb roofs and you might get hurt. Mitigation and tarping are paid $ 1 per square foot. So. you can get $12 for a small square shingle. 

There are direct inspections. You will go out and will do an inspection and will get $100 for that. 

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