Drones in Claim Adjuster industry!


Fly over stress like a drone!!!

I know how you must feel being a claims adjuster… Being one must be one of the toughest & most rewarding jobs on earth, right?

I mean, the stress!

Not to mention being at harm’s length almost every day, intruded time management and high operation cost are constant challenges you face while you inspect insurance claims.

This must really be frustrating.

But, guess what? I have a solution for you –

D-r-o-n-e-s! Let me quickly tell you a story you’ll love.

You see, I once had a friend who worked for a company that makes pizza. He was their main delivery guy. On a regular delivery trip, he noticed that the delivery car he was driving was lagging.

The car continued to jerk and halt on the road.

He maneuvered the car into parking mode to avoid causing traffic. My friend, with pending pizza deliveries, had to put a call through to the other delivery guy to help out. 


That is not the end of the story.

Being a smart guy, my friend came up with a lasting solution based on that experience. He pitched a drone delivery service to the company himself leading the course by obtaining a drone pilot license. Guess what?

They bought into it.

Not only did they have increased sales, but they also experienced more feedback on efficient delivery services from their customers.

Although this was just a story…

Can you imagine so much ease that comes with taking a class on and obtaining a drone pilot license to use for property inspections?

Instead of:

  • putting yourself at risk you can use a drone to get up high
  • buying a ladder or using a rope and harness, you can use a drone
  • Missing the next deployment, you can show off your drone skills

When you use a drone as a claim adjuster, you choose safety over risk. Your employer will like that. You will like that.

Join the smart ones!

Obtaining a pilot license. Learn about adjusters and drone use by watching this video.

Then, take a pilot licensing class and see the magic!

QUESTIONS? Let’s Chat. Book a call here: to Schedule An Appointment

Here is the list of companies that hire without any training.

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