What is a Field Adjuster and a Claims Adjuster?

Are you planning to become a Claims Adjuster? or perhaps interested in the role of the Field Adjuster.


In the beginning, I had so many questions about getting started as a claims adjuster. All the options left me confused. Those options included:


  • Field Adjuster
  • Desk Adjuster
  • Property Adjuster
  • Auto Adjuster
  • Public Adjuster
  • Independent adjuster
  • Staff adjuster


After reading this blog, you will have a clear understanding of the term Claims Adjuster and the role of Field Adjuster.


To make things easier, I will explain everything in terms of common questions that all of us had or still have in the beginning.


What is a Claims Adjuster?


A Claims Adjuster is the umbrella term for someone who examines and investigates property damage. Once a property owner files a claim, the Insurance Company sends either their Staff Adjuster or an Independent Adjuster to evaluate the damages to determine the extent of liability of the Insurance Company.


In simple terms, a Claims Adjuster evaluates the damage and proposes a fair amount of money that the Insurance Company should offer to cover the loss.


Claims adjusters not only handle property damage claims, but they may also evaluate claims involving personal injuries or third-party property damage caused by an accident or a catastrophe.


What are the main three types of Claims Adjusters?

There are three types of Claims adjusters.


Public Adjuster

These are the claims adjuster who works for the policyholder. Public Adjuster works as a freelancer or for a public adjusting firm. When the policyholder disputes the compensation (money) offered by the insurance company, it’s beneficial for them to hire a Public Adjuster to re-evaluate the extent of the damage.

Staff Adjuster

These are the Claims adjusters who work for the Insurance Company. They are full-time employees like any other employee of a company.

Independent Adjuster

These are the Claims adjusters who work for an Independent Adjusting firm and not directly for the Insurance Company. Think of the adjuster firm as a staffing company: an adjuster, maybe a 1099 or W-2 employee.

Types of Roles for Claims Adjusters

Did you know, no matter what type of adjusting job you pursue you’ll need to get a course to learn the rules and regulations of this industry. I know what you’re thinking…

“My state doesn’t require a license”. It doesn’t matter.


The companies that will provide an adjuster job for you will require it.


This means you’ll need to take a course and an exam. Don’t worry. With the right preparation, you’ll pass both. Here’s a preview.

Desk Adjuster

They handle claims from their office remotely. Some of these positions have work-from-home options. They will handle nominal or short amounts of claims. Their work revolves more around the desk in reviewing field reports to resolve the matter through the phone and with the help of software called Xactimate.

Field Property Claims Adjuster

As its name, Field Property Claims Adjusters go in person to the incident sites. The claims may be local or at a disaster location. They evaluate the insurance claims made by the property owner whose properties have been damaged due to the incident. These incidents could have been caused by weather hazards, water, fire, vandalism, or any form of accident.


The Field Property Claims Adjuster takes photos, does a physical examination, and creates a complete report for the desk adjusters.


Interesting points you should know about Claims Adjuster


What do you need to be a Claims Adjuster?

Many people have a misconception that you must have a Master’s or a Bachelor’s Degree to become a Claims Adjuster. But it is wrong. You may become a Field Adjuster with a high school degree or GED (Graduate Equivalency Degree).


How much does a Claims Adjuster make?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of a Claims Adjuster is $32.76 per hour and $68,130/- per year.


According to the private sector, Salary.com states the average Property Claims Adjuster salary is$45,288 to $58,644. As per Zippa, In the United States, a Field Property Claims Adjuster makes $39,362 per year or $19 per hour.


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