First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster

First Steps To Become A Claims Adjuster

How to become a claims adjuster is the most important asked question for newcomers. The first step is always the most important one in any profession. This is also the same for becoming a claim adjuster. 

Starting as an adjuster you need a lot of training which I am going to provide you. Also, let’s see if you can handle this job or you can’t. Yes! That’s also a hidden truth. But, after reading this article you will get to know a lot. It will provide you with enough information to make a good start. 

We have received this question a lot. So hopefully, this article will help multiple people.

So, ready? Let’s move forward to answer how to become an insurance adjuster!

Become An Insurance Claims Adjuster Today

Step 1: How to Become an Insurance Adjuster

Maybe you already know about this industry, or someone may have told you about it. The first thing that you have to do, is to get a license because in certain states you have to get licensed for this job. Otherwise, you are not allowed to work as an Adjuster. There are almost 34 states that ask for this requirement. These are those which are coastal such as Florida, California, Texas, Mexico, Arizona, etc.

The reason why you need to work in coastal states is that they have most of the catastrophes from hurricanes. Those are the ones who can pay you a lot and you can work there for a long time. It’s like if you are working for 7/12 hours, you will get $30 plus for an hour. So, you can estimate how much it could be in extra hours. It’s going to be amazing for you!

To get your license, most states require 40 hours of course. But some states like Louisiana don’t require that. Some states also don’t require an exam either; in Florida when you go for the course, you don’t have to give the exam. Good, right?

Step 2: Where To Get Insurance Adjuster Course

The states that require a license have in-person courses. These courses can range from $347 in Florida. In Georgia, these classes are for $349 or such. In which you have to go for 4 days. Two days straight or you can take classes in 2 weeks by splitting them into half; 2 days in one week and 2 in the next one. It may cost you $340 or in the long run, it is $700 plus.

Anyway, at the end of the day after you get your course, you will take your exam and you are more probable to pass. We recommend you do that because that test will help you to learn a lot. The other option; is you can attempt that test online if it is available in your state. It will also take 40 hours but it will take at least 6 weeks to go through it. You also have to revise plenty of the work and you must have to practice questions, more than 200, almost. So, it may take 10 weeks to get completed.  

Trick: Get information in as short a time as you can and then take the exam.

You must practice as much as possible to get through the exam. After all, it will contain a lot of math questions.

Home Inspectors Needed

How Much Does Cost To Become A Claims Adjuster?

It will take about $500 which includes taking your exam, getting your fingerprint, and getting your license.

If you are in a state that does not require a license, you have to get your designated home state. Most people recommend Taxes and Florida. They both have the same reprocesses, also including Texas. Georgia has more opportunities to be hit by storms as compared to Texas because it’s situated right on the coast. Even if a storm develops in the Gulf or goes to the Midwest, it is always coming back to the east. So, Georgia is a good state to work in.

The Florida license not only requires an exam, fingerprint, and one more step for that too. So, these are three different payments that you have to provide, to the state of Florida insurance department.

Recommendation: You can apply for the New York and California licenses at the same time you apply for your designated home state license. Because you will be able to have the opportunity to get information into your system all at once. 

Note: New York requires its own course no matter what.

Most of the time people say that if they have their Texas license, they have all. That’s wrong! You have to buy a license for each different state, whether it is Florida, Texas, California, etc. You have to continue your education credits too. 

This is such a great industry because it is heavily Government regulated. You have to continue learning about laws and new changes because the more you will be educated the better employee you are going to be. Don’t take this lightly that it’s just a customer service job. You must have construction knowledge and you must know about some computer skills. Your English needs to be very good and fluent.

Those were your initial steps for becoming an Adjuster. I hope this article helped you a lot and answered your question about how to become an insurance adjuster. You can also read more in this article.

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