Florida Adjusters – How to Become One & Is 6-20 All Lines License Needed

How Do I Become A Licensed Insurance Adjuster In Florida?

Florida Adjusters: You need a license in order to become an insurance adjuster in Florida. To apply for a license you must complete all prerequisites listed below and pass the required exams.
Once you are approved you will need to pay a $250 application fee (paid to the state of Florida) and a $100 processing fee per exam (paid to the examination facility).

Florida Adjusters Prerequisites List:

  • must be 18 years of age
  • must be a U.S. Citizen
  • must live in Florida
  • can’t hold a resident insurance adjuster license in any other state
  • must take a certain amount of education before taking the Florida exam


Note: The other States That Require Education (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana, and Texas)


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Is The Florida Adjuster Exam Hard?

Yes, the Florida Adjustment Exam is challenging. However, the test does not contain any questions about subjects outside of the scope of the exam practice material; we suggest exploring our exam practice questions to get an idea of current knowledge of the industry.

And Honestly, it depends on your study skills and what your definition of “hard” is. If you are unsure about some of the content, then yes it will be hard for you. But if you are confident and you know the material, then it should be doable or easy.

To get a better idea of how hard or not difficult the Florida insurance license exam is, keep in mind that they don’t expect you to have an insurance background to pass the test. As long as you are prepared and have studied, you should do fine.

The Florida exam is offered in two parts – life and health, or property and casualty. You must pass both exams before you can get your license.

What is a Florida 6-20 All-lines Adjuster License?

Florida 6-20 All Lines Adjusters License is issued to persons who are employed as insurance adjusters, underwriters, brokers, or agents in the State of Florida, for the purpose of adjusting automobile liability, fire, casualty, surety bonds, workers’ compensation, or personal lines insurance.

What is a Florida 7-20 All-lines Adjuster License?

A 7-20 insurance license in Florida is an all-lines adjuster license with limited subrogation authority. The license can be written for the individual or a business entity that employs the adjuster.

The 7 stands for Property and Casualty, and the 20 stands for Limited Lines subrogation authority, which means that you cannot negotiate settlements on property claims such as fire claims or hurricane claims, but you can settle automobile property damage claims as well as bodily injury claims. This is a limited subrogation license which means it has very little subrogation authority and only includes a small loss of subrogation authority.

An individual must be at least 18 years of age to hold a 7-20 Adjuster License in Florida. In addition, the individual must pass the state adjuster exam or have passed an approved pre-licensing course. However, the licensee does not have to live in Florida.


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Do I Need A Florida Adjusters Insurance License?

While it’s always good to have licenses in multiple states, in-regards to new adjusters, the Florida insurance adjuster license should not be the first license you try to get outside of your home state.

For one, the competition level is extremely high, and if you don’t have close contacts in that inner circle of privileged adjusters (Florida Natives) then you are not going to get many (if any) claim jobs.

Also, new adjusters need some experience before tackling a major catastrophe such as a hurricane or tropical storm. Remember, catastrophically events are very stressful and you can’t afford to screw things up for families that are already facing turmoil.

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At Major Adjusters, we want to make the transition from an independent insurance adjuster to a successful business owner as easy and affordable as possible.

That’s why we offer unique learning experiences, certified instructors, and a comfortable classroom environment. After completing our courses, you’ll be able to expedite the recovery process for families facing challenging times – getting them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

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