GEICO Careers Interview Process (My Experience)

GEICO Careers Interview Process (My Experience)

GEICO Careers Jobs Interview!!! Sounds scary, right? Well, don’t be scared. When you know how to handle it you won’t be afraid, trust me.

In this article, you are going to learn about the GEICO interview process. There is a lot to learn! If you are an adjuster; who does not have to worry about deployments, not has to worry about joining a bunch of rosters, and you don’t want to pray about natural disasters like we all have been doing in 2018, then stay here because at the end of this article you will get all the six key tips that will help you to pass the interview with flying colors.


If you are not applying for the Management Development Program (MDP) and you are applying to different positions, these tips may be the same or may not be. This may apply to some of the custom positions, but we are strictly talking about Management Development Program or MDP for sure.


The first step is of course application. If you haven’t been applying to insurance companies and you have only been applying to rosters, you probably haven’t been met with the assessment test. So you are going to be asked for an assessment on GEICO. Now, the first assessment is a bit analytical. It gives you some problems and you probably have to solve them in your limited time. The first one is not too hard, maybe it takes only 20 minutes. After that, there is a 20 to 30 minutes interview.


This is all about the basic personal details:  interview about the role and ‘Who are you?’ and to know about the recruiter bit.

After that phone interview there is another assessment:-

The Caliper Test:

This one is a sixteen minutes assessment which is a lot harder. If you have heard about the Caliper Test, then you know about how this second assessment is done at GEICO.


After you pass the first interview, there comes another interview. Now, in this interview which is between 60-90 minutes, it is more about your experience, more about your behavioral questions.

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Now here is a tip about how you can answer these questions. You are going to use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method or the PAR (problem, action, results) method. In the PAR method you can get the results in a very quick way and also the employer wants to hear more about the problem you had, the action you took, and the results you resolved.

There are also some scenario questions in the interview. What do you do, if someone calls you and wants to pay his insurance premium; your goal is to get down to the app but, you start to tell your customer about that but the customer behaves like ‘I don’t want to do that, just help me pay my bill’. Customers are not always like that but maybe sometimes you get to like them. So, the question is what would you do in that scenario?

So, another thing is how you handle a difficult customer or how you would handle a situation if they are talking about the deductible, which most people don’t understand about the deductible and that’s one of the reasons why they hate insurance.


If you have to explain a deductible, use a situation like this:

Your insurance policy is a partnership between you and your insurance company. What you agree to is that in the event of an incident, the insurance company will handle a majority of paying for that incident. But they still want to bring you a little bit to the table.

So, imagine Thanks Giving. Your insurance company is going to provide the turkey, the stuffing, the desserts, the drinks; every single thing for the table but it’s you who are to set the table, and that is your deductible. And if you were going to eat without plates, knives, forks, and utensils, everyone eating without them would be nasty.


Don’t worry about paying the deductibles. Let the insurance company man investigate and check out your roof. If your roof doesn’t pass the investigation and check-up, then you don’t even have to worry about the deductible. You can live the next couple of storms knowing that your roof is in good condition. Now, if he needs to remove your roof, don’t worry about the deductible because numbers are the easiest things to work out. But first, let the man get to his inspection. 


Here is another professional tip for the interview and that is you should use the name of your recruiter as often as possible. In the profession, we all have to face some difficult problems while dealing with customers. They are paying attention to your customer service skills. GEICO is so legit when it comes to being so or like fun. No great areas are black or white. They are listening to everything you are saying. They are looking at and thinking about how you are going to be on phone with their customers or with the repair guys.

After that you have to take another assessment;


In this assessment, you will be playing an acting role as an adjuster. Role-playing is not easy, make sure you are calm and concentrate. You should reach there 15 minutes early because early is on time and on time is too late. Also, you have to be dressed professionally according to the dress code they send you.


You must have to wear a watch! Because it’s not necessarily because it’s time but, you will need to track your time and make sure you are staying on pace. The more you can fill out the paperwork that they have, the more you can go back and read the instructions and get ready for what’s coming up next because someone is going to give you a call in 20-25 minutes.

TIP # 6: Pay Attention.

You must have to pay attention to details. Make sure you are filling out your name in the right corner or place; make sure you are using the time and news in between the calls and visits.

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You are going to be tested on your verbal communication skills, and your reading comprehension. When you are on phone with somebody, be cordial just like you talk to normal people how is your day going? Etc. Take a good sleep before the assessment day so you can pay all attention.

So, the process of GEICO is long but they invest so much time to make sure they are getting the best. Hopefully, if you will follow the above tips, you are going to exhale above the average like a home run!

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