How To Submit a Claim for Water Damage 

Here’s a little secret, you don’t just want to file a claim for water damage…

… You want the insurance company to pay for your water damage claim.

The truth is… they want homeowners to comprehend the risks that are covered by their home insurance policy. But, It’s nearly impossible.

How can the average person understand the codes in the 80-page document known as the policy.

LET’S Define the Damage…

Water damage to houses is a relatively regular occurrence, particularly in apartments where pipes are shared. It can be challenging to determine what is covered by a typical house insurance policy when it comes to water damage.

Here are some crucial details about the available water damage coverage and the claims procedure.

The majority of home insurance policies include coverage for water damage, provided the cause is unintentional and accidental. A thorough home insurance coverage will cover the ensuing occurrences.

Coverages in Home Insurance for Water Damage

  • Ruptured pipes
  • Property damage due to water leaks
  • Roof leak protection from natural disasters like floods
  • Ruptures in water tanks
  • Leaks from automatic sprinkler installations that occur by accident

Point to be Noted

  • To learn about your coverage and exclusions against water damage, please refer to the terms and conditions and policy wording of your house insurance policy.
  • Knowing the exclusions and inclusions of your house insurance policy is your responsibility as an insured.
  • You must be knowledgeable about the claims procedure and coverage provided because water damage can be very expensive.
  • This will allow you to call your insurance claims adjuster right away in the event of an accident.

Process of Filing a Claim for Water Damage

The usual process for claiming water damage on your homeowner’s insurance is as follows.

In event of an accident, prioritize your safety first. In the event of a fire or pipe burst, call the appropriate authorities. Take the required action to stop any future loss.

  • Take pictures of the affected area if you can, and save the receipts for any services or purchases you made as a result of the loss or damage.
  • Your insurer can be contacted by phone, online, or via a mobile device to report a claim. An Insurance claims adjuster makes this job easier and hassle-free.
  • Make sure to specify the sort of loss or damage to your home and personal property (theft, fire, water damage, etc.) when making a claim.
  • Your insurance claims adjuster will inform you of the supporting documentation you will need to provide. Make sure you are prepared to provide any requested information, including the policy number, name, address, Identification evidence, etc.,
  • Depending on the extent of damage and the claim type, an insurance adjuster might be assigned to assess the damage through a field inspection or even you can take assistance and services of independent adjusters and insurance claims consulting
  • You will be reimbursed once the claim has been reviewed and accepted.


A public adjuster can aid you with claims management assistance by helping you discover additional possibilities.

We at Major Adjusters are happy to assist you in filing an insurance claim for water damage.

We also provide free annual property inspections, policy reviews, and any other kind of communication you’d like in the insurance segment. You can contact 1-312-883-2064 or send an email to to reach the National Claims Representative.


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