Insurance Smart Claim Tip. Answering your inquiries concerning a Claim or Damage

It’s my fault.!!!

It’s your fault. It’s their fault.!!!!

How does that work out with my insurance claim?

Kind of interesting, we’ll call it a moral to the story!!!!!

If it’s your fault, you’re usually in pretty good shape. Let’s just say the kids found the paint bucket and they started throwing it all over and made a mess with it.

It’s your fault, sort of, right?

It’s a covered claim. So, under the premise of all risk coverage, which most people have, commonly known as an H03, or a special form policy, unless an item is excluded, it’s covered.

And in this case, spilling paint on the carpet is not excluded.

So, if your children got a hold of something, they spilled bleach on the carpet, or you spilled paint on the carpet, all those items are covered losses, even though it’s your fault

  • What if you drag somebody across the hardwood floor and left a big gouge in it?
  • What if you dropped a canned good and you put a big chunk in the floor or you went to move the treadmill and it destroyed the floor?
  • What if you filled the Christmas tree and it buckled the hardwood flooring?

All of that is covered, even though it’s your fault.

So, long story short when it is your fault, generally, you have coverage.

If it was an accident?

I dropped the pot in the kitchen. This is probably one of the most common claims, someone drops a canned good, an appliance, a blender, or a large pan in the kitchen, and hits a ceramic tile.

These losses can be tens of thousands of $dollars, even though it’s your fault, it’s still covered. In fact, it’s probably a little bit easier on an insurance claim when it is the insurer’s fault, meaning there’s no liable party, there’s no subrogation, and there’s nowhere to go back to.

You are insured for your accidents. The loss in this case is that you dropped the pot or dropped the can goods.

  • So, it is covered. Really don’t worry about it if it’s your fault
  • If it’s an accident, don’t feel too bad. You’re covered under your policy.


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