Passing the State Farm Certification

State Farm Certification: Required or Not?

First, understand to work for State Farm, you must complete their State Farm Certification which includes multiple certifications. All adjusters who want to work property claims with State Farm must complete the Estimatics Exam.

What is Estimatics?

It’s a certification specifically, it’s required for the claims adjuster property job. If you want to work with State Farm, you’ll need to pass this exam.

There is only one way to take the exam. You must take it w/ one of the hiring independent adjuster firms that are approved by State Farm to conduct the examination. Usually, the exam is given nationwide at the same time. You’ll have to report to a location, sit through multiple (boring) readings of different policies.

Your instructor will help with understanding what will be on the test. It’s usually a two-day session – plan accordingly.  In emergency situations, they give the training in a day.

It’s a really long day.

Whether you take a two-day class or you’re invited to the one-day class, get sleep and bring food. You’ll need the extra time you have to study.

You do need a certain score to pass. So let’s talk about the test.

State Farm Estimatics Training

The Estimatics test is 50 questions…

A majority of those questions are math problems. You must know how to find the area of different shapes and calculate costs using the Xactimate Price List.

I Show You How to Do Both!

Plus, I’ll teach you how to deduct for certain window and door openings.

To pass this State Farm Property Certification:

  • Learn how to use table contents by category (list of categories used in the price list). Note: a category is similar to a building trade; however, a single trade may include the work of more than one category.
  • For example, there is a painting (PNT) category and a drywall category (DRY). Both are performed by the same trade, a painter. Although, this trade may work under a general contractor.
  • My 30-minute video provides Tricks And Tips On How To Solve Tough Estimatics Math Questions For Every Skill Level!
  • Custom-tailored for new adjusters. Stay ahead of the competition by learning the masterful language of claims adjusters.
  • This Unbelievable Training Hack will Revolutionize your deployment!
  • Your trainers are going to remember you and keep you deployed longer which means you make more money!
  • Learn the difference between roofing vents and construction materials. Plus, you’ll understand why different vents, windows, and insulation are used & what the Xactimate codes are for the multiple types of building material. Learn the step-by-step techniques.

Training fills up EXTREMELY fast and is only offered a few times a year… be the first to know.  This is the place to be if you are SERIOUS about making money in the insurance industry!  Get first notice about job opportunities, training, & deployments.

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