Roof Insurance Claim Process: Filing Homeowners Insurance

The Roof Insurance Claim Process

Homeowners, the main reason why you need to file an insurance claim for your damage is to save you money.

Do you know the roof insurance claim process?

This claim can also be used as the base for other insurance-related claims you have when your home is damaged. For example, gutters & siding.

Why pay that when you don’t have to? Instead, you could simply pay your deductible.

Here’s a big insurance secret, insurance companies are not allowed to raise your rates just because you file a claim.

In many cases, the payout of home damage is relative to the roof cover; insurance companies analyze claims for roof damage claim very cautiously and demand proper documentation. Thank is why you should know the roof insurance claim process.

That is why filing an insurance claim can be a challenging process for many. It is a long process and involves a lot of paperwork, calculations, dealing with adjusters, and making sure you get compensated for all roofed damages.

It’s also why many people avoid filing a claim. Don’t be one of those people…

Because there are easier ways….

Become An Insurance Claims Adjuster Today

If you want to get your claim covered there are certain things you need to keep in mind:

Examine your insurance policy:

Do you know what is really covered under your insurance policy?

Do you know where your insurance policy is?

Do you know how much your deductible is?

The declarations page, or dec page, is the most critical document to understanding your insurance policy. It has your insurance policy number, coverages, deductible, and more.

The declarations page will clear up a lot of information.

Go through it. The insurance policy number and all the deductibles should be known to you.

You should know if you can file a claim when…

  • Your refrigerator all of a sudden leaks and causes damage to your floor.
  • Pests or vermin destroy your attic
  • Someone steals from you
  • Or, if water starts to leak from the ceiling

Need to know exactly what is covered?  Get insurance advice from a public adjuster. They’ll usually review your policy with you for free.

And, know this…

Many different insurance policies cover different kinds of damages. When it comes to roof repair, your insurance policy might base your claim on how old your roof is or how severe the damage is.

However, if the ceiling (or your house) is ancient, they might deduct the depreciation costs of the roof, which may bring the payout amount down.

In other cases, they’ll cut two checks. The first check is given to the contractor to get the work started.

Usually, the insurance companies have inspectors on their team who will come to the property for an inspection of the damage.

The study will also help them decide whether the damage to the roof is external or is it regular maintenance. Otherwise known as wear and tear.  If it is due to wear and tear, they might not pay you.

However, the insurance company’s inspectors work for the insurance company. You want a representative who will work for you, like a public adjuster.

If you believe your claim should have been approved a public adjuster is your best representative to help fight your insurer.

Roof Insurance Claim Process: Facts & Figures

Get the Facts & Figures Straight. You should know how much money is needed to fix your roof and also the amount the insurance company is going to cover after the deductibles or depreciation.

It’s important to know:

If the cost to repair the damage is less than your deductible you will not be given a payout. That will help you decide if the claim is worth the effort.

The details about the damage

Stop any leaks. If possible, the first step is to prevent further damage to the property. This may include cleaning up water, putting a bucket under leaks, covering windows, and more.

Your insurance company can tell you more about how to mitigate damage.

Here’s what the insurance company won’t tell you:

  • The date and time of your loss – if you get this wrong your claim could be denied
  • The peril (what caused the damage) – there is a difference between water slowly leaking onto the floor for a week and a week ago, “all of the sudden water started collecting on the floor”.

If you don’t know the difference consult a public adjuster because they know how to speak the right language.  In fact, you should call a public adjuster before you call your insurance company.

Either way, you should have pictures after the disaster.  It should be snapped once the damage takes place. If it’s safe.

You can read more about water damage in this article.


You should also have a record of all the costs, estimates, and bills that you might have related to roof maintenance.  It involves what exactly you need to get fixed.

You should get this reimbursed.

Recipe for success as an adjuster

Next, you should assess the nature of the damage and what you need to claim.

For example, take note if there was any personal property damage. This includes everything from clothes to furniture. Also, note interior damage.

Public adjusters recommend taking a video of all your personal property so you can get the money back. This includes toothbrushes, perfumes, food, fans, heats, holiday décor, and more.

Contact your insurance company

Report damage as soon as it is discovered. Here’s what you do:

  • Call your insurance company’s claim hotline number
  • Discuss in detail your claim – but be careful… using the wrong terminology can result in a denied claim
  • Schedule an appointment to have an independent claims adjuster come to examine the damage
  • Contact a public adjuster to serve as a representative during your meeting with the claims adjuster – this will help maximize your insurance payout
  • Hold on to your insurance claim number

Once the adjuster appointment is over, the independent claims adjuster will communicate the result of the claim. It will either be approved or denied.

Should You Hire A Public Adjuster

Just because they say you are in good hands, doesn’t make it true…

It is always recommended to hire a professional to deal with the insurance company. The professional has the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle the insurance company, and he also guides you throughout the process.

This person is known as a public adjuster, and he controls your insurance claims, evaluates your figures, and arbitrates the request on your behalf.

The public adjuster is required by law to be licensed (and bonded) by the state departments of insurance. It is best to hire an adjuster as soon as the loss is incurred and they help you decide to file a claim or not.

I hope now you know why it is vital to know the roof insurance claim process.

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