State Farm Claims Adjuster Jobs Available

State Farm Claims Adjuster Jobs Available

Hip-hip hooray! The #1 insurer is hiring. Doesn’t mean you’ll get the job, but at least they are hiring. 

Apply Now so you don’t miss out. Here’s a little secret,  I haven’t spoken much about life as a claims adjuster since COVID19 struck, however insurance companies are ready to get back to normal just like you and I. I worked with State Farm during Hurricane Ida in 2021. The deploynent was based in New Jersey. The pay was pretty good at $52/hour. Nice right??


I’m happy it didn’t last. 

Deployments mean:

  • you are going to be working 10-12 hours days 
  • you are going to be working 6-7 days a week
  • you are going to make $8,000 – $12000 for a 6-week deployment
  • you are going to have expenses during a deployment

This is a special post to help you re-launch your claims adjuster job search, or if you are interested in learning about how to become an insurance adjuster for State Farm. Some of you even spoke out on YouTube expressing that you wanted to see videos regarding how COVID has affected my ability to work.  This makes me think that some of you may have forgotten or maybe you were unaware that insurance touches everything… even though it is only the 4th largest revenue-producing industry in the US according to the GDP. 

Have things changed? Absolutely. 

Has the work slowed down?

For some it has… in fact, deployments were canceled due to COVID and some adjusters are rejecting deployments due to COVID. But pay close attention to this… the insurance companies are still working claims and inspections are still taking place. Why? Because we are an essential job function, and homes with damage need protecting. 

Hiring Freezes For Claims Adjusters Are Melting


So what has changed and how can you benefit. Please know:

  1. The Rona (as it is being called by some) has not stopped the 180 tornadoes between January and March, or the multiple tornadoes in April.
  2. As soon as we return to business as normal carriers (the insurance companies) are going to need help catching up.  
  3. When people are out-of-work budgets get tight. Which means these same people will seek monetary assistance wherever they can get it. E.G their insurance company. 

So do not fret… I saved the best for last.

Most insurers are going to have their staff adjusters business fighting business income claims. They are going to need IAs (independent adjusters) to help with other claims. This is where you come in. But you must be ready so please apply to these claims adjuster jobs now.

Due to the work-from-home nature of the desk adjuster claims position…

a staff position is well coveted creating a high-level of competition and a rigorous hiring process.

If your goal is staff adjuster you will go through multiple interviews and take at least one (if not multiple) personality test. If you fail the test, you will have to wait 6 months before reapplying. 

Here are 5 jobs for adjusters

  • Remote Property Inspector – schedule a pre-interview presentation
    • CatastropheAdjusterNew York, NY. Fort Orange Claim Service

    Are you licensed in New York? It can take time to study and get the license back from the state. My advice is to to start now so that you can be ready by storm season.

    The selected candidate will work from home anywhere within the ERIE footprint (District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin)

Last but not least, If you want to know about How to Become an Insurance Adjuster for State Farm , or any of the large carriers, you’re going to need to pass their certification exams. Many of these exam tests are only offered 3-4 times a year. So, when you have an opportunity to take one of these exams, you’ll need jump on it.

Jump fast, but don’t make the mistake of not passing. Call us if you need help getting work. We are hiring in the following states: Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North & South Carolina. 


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